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Heather Smith Friedman

Founding Partner

with de Novo since the very beginning

This is all Heather’s fault.

In 2007, she had the idea to start an agency that took an alternative approach to marketing. Her previous agency experience allowed her to implement best practices while avoiding many of the bad habits that beset traditional marketing firms. But it was her experience working client-side that allowed her to see things from a different perspective and create a place that focused on client goals—not an agency agenda.

A magna cum laude graduate of Regis University in Denver, CO, Heather built several successful brands such as U.S. West Dex, Canon and Red Bull Energy Drink before starting her own agency. With the latter, her team introduced the brand in Iowa and within five years, took Red Bull from 2% to 98% in unaided awareness using alternative approaches.

Heather believes that every campaign, brand and project needs to start with a strategy that answers key questions and gets everyone in alignment. After all, your goals are our goals. In her spare time, Heather likes to sledge hammer walls in her 102-year-old house and then blog about it.

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