Our mission is simple –
    Create relationships and build
    emotional connections between
    consumers and your brand.

Historically, “marketing” was achieved by purchasing TV spots, billboards, and full-page spreads in the yellow pages. This may have worked for your brand in the past, but why limit yourself to the same boring channels year after year?

High impact marketing takes your brand directly to consumers in areas often unsaturated by advertising, leaving a stronger imprint on your desired target. It’s all about marketing in the right place at right time to the right consumer in the right frame of mind (it even rhymes if you time it correctly).

We’re ready to take your marketing challenges, throw them into our expert think tank, and produce something you’ve surely never thought of before. de Novo is dedicated to cutting through the “white noise” of marketing messages that consumers have learned to tune out. It’s not hard to put an ad in a paper or even on some outdoor billboard, but what will make that ad get noticed? There’s a never-ending supply of innovative and unexpected underground media vehicles lurking beneath the traditional channels – street teams, impromptu events, sampling, stenciling, hand-delivered chocolates to a potential client… the list goes on and on.

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Our Services


We can refine, redesign, and re-awesomize your existing campaign, or completely create your next winning campaign.

Event Planning

Do you have a client event, product showcase or large scale party in the works? We offer full-fledged event planning & staffing - from concept to execution.


Our Award Winning videographers will create a piece you (and everyone) will love. YouTube, TV, Presentations, and anywhere else you have a screen.


Everything is web based these days. Updating a website is crucial. Don't be stuck with a basic HTML site from the early 2000s.

Drowning in data? de Novo is proud to partner with Annex Analytics to turn your company’s data into actionable insights that strengthen your strategic vision. Whether you’re looking for ongoing analysis, or you’re conducting a one-time market study to help define your target audience, de Novo and Annex Analytics work together to provide the intelligence your company needs to take action.

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